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The Ohio office of Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (Enterprise) one of the nation’s leading community development and affordable housing organizations, has selected NMV Strategies as its communications advisory team.

The Enterprise Mission

Enterprise’s mission is to create opportunity for low- and moderate-income people through affordable housing in diverse, thriving communities. Central to its mission is the fundamental commitment to give people living in poverty an opportunity to move up and out. Enterprise believes that these opportunities are best provided in communities with a diverse mix of affordable and market rate housing options, access to jobs and social supports, and a strong commitment to the environment and civic participation.

“Our Enterprise Ohio team is excited to ramp up our brand awareness and will be working with NMV Strategies to refine and implement our strategic communications plan to expand awareness of our organization, which in turn, will create additional partnership, advocacy, and funding opportunities that work towards reducing the number of families who are housing insecure or in other words, those who find themselves spending more than 50% of their income on housing related costs. At the same time, we want to make sure families have connection to opportunities that include good schools, jobs, heath care and transit,” said Mark McDermott, Vice President and Market Leader, Enterprise Ohio.

Ending Housing Insecurity

Enterprise Ohio is involved in many collaborative programs that share the goal of ending housing insecurity through technical assistance, investment in new affordable housing, housing preservation and neighborhood stabilization. For example, the Housing First initiative is committed to ending chronic homelessness in Cuyahoga County by providing 1,271 supportive housing units to chronically homeless adults, families and youth by 2020. Another example, the Enterprise-led Cuyahoga EITC Coalition, connects more than 14,000 families each year to income by helping them prepare their income tax returns for free and ensuring they claim valuable tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.

Enterprise Community Partners Ohio has a terrific story to tell and NMV Strategies is proud to be selected as the organization’s communications team to expand its presence and awareness in Northeast Ohio and throughout the region.

The NMV Strategies team will develop and implement the organization’s strategic communication plan, as well as offering counsel on communications, social media and evolving programs.

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