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Why is the number 3 so powerful?

Numerous studies indicate that our brains work effectively when we are dealing with sets of 3. Think about how many times during the day we see grouping of 3s…

Yes, No or Maybe?

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Red, Yellow, Green.

Three Blind Mice.

Three Stooges.

Ready, Set, Go.

You get the picture and probably can add to the list of 3’s that are part of your daily life.

When you are faced with exchanging information during a critical conversation with the media or sharing good news with your team, keep in mind that 3 is the golden number. If you have 3 important messages, the audience will be able to assimilate your message easily and the information will have a  higher impact with a greater chance of the messages being remembered. Your PR value for your brand and your company will also be elevated in being succinct and focused.

During times of crisis when you are being interviewed for the news feed, if you keep to 3 message points to describe the situation, the reporter and the audience will be able to center on what is the most important information.

power of 3

In addition, by not diverting from the initial 3 message points enables the public relations spokesperson to take control of the interview and not be dissuaded to speculate or go off course into areas that are still being investigated.

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