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Nancy Valent

President – NMV Strategies

Nancy Valent, NMV Strategies, hosting event

Nancy Valent hosting event in downtown Cleveland, 2014.

Nancy delivers dynamic experience in the areas of marketing, strategic planning, branding, media/public relations, crisis communications and competitive analysis. She has held executive positions for several Fortune 500 companies and was the chief marketing officer for an international franchise organization of promotional products, business documents and printing solutions. For this company, Nancy revived their brand positioning and corporate identity to be recognized as the number one distributor in the industry. Specifically, she developed a strategic marketing initiative that enabled this 600-office organization to achieve image awareness, sales growth and dominance throughout the United States and Canada.

Nancy Valent of NMV Strategies interviewing client while conducting  crisis communications training.

Nancy has trained more than 300 executives in proactive media awareness in critical steps to take when a crisis develops and the reporters are calling and knocking on the door. The CEO of Avery Dennison recognized her for her professionalism in handling the press during a major plant explosion where the story was a non-issue within twelve hours. In addition, Nancy’s coaching and training include facilitating focus groups on branding and market analysis to assist clients in defining trends and perceptions.

Currently, Nancy provides consultation in directing the marketing, branding, communications and public relations challenges for companies seeking to build, manage and/or recapture their industry leadership positions. She also is an affiliate instructor at the Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management, University of Akron and Cleveland State University.

She has experience in the communications handling of plant explosions, chemical spills, gas leaks, company espionage and disgruntled employees. Her background in media relations with the national and international press is well established, having directed media opportunities throughout the United States and Latin America.