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CLIENT: Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

THE PROBLEM: The client was scheduled to give a presentation to investors in New York City. The presentation included 6-8 C-level executives participating in a 2.5 hour, multi-level of PowerPoint slides. The financial advisor wanted to fine-tune everyone’s presentation skills and was concerned about succinct communication messaging and appropriate body language.

ASSESSMENT: NMV Strategies has trained and advised over 500 individuals preparing for analyst presentations and interviews with the media. The agency’s team is well versed in positive and negative body language attributes and has been successful in advising presenters on handling nervousness, streamlining their messaging and creating professional presentations.

OUTCOME: NMV Strategies conducted individual training sessions with each executive. An overview educational module was provided by the agency to emphasize best practices in presentations to an analyst audience. Each executive then gave their presentation which was videotaped and then critiqued. The executives then had a second “take” in presenting again with the knowledge of elements to change, modify and/or adjust for more effective communications and being able to secure the takeaway points to resonate with the audience.

“Several of the executives were somewhat reluctant to participate in the communications/presentation training. Yet, on the day of the training, all of the executives were energized to learn and refine their skills in positive body language, formulating key message points and coordinating a very effective presentation from the training NMV Strategies provided.”
— Company executive

A final note…

The actual presentation in NYC was a tremendous success. NMV Strategies received complimentary emails from each of the executives acknowledging the learnings and skills they were able to integrate from the training.